Portsmouth at Play

From the earliest days of the city to the present, the people of Portsmouth have found ways to enjoy their time off. This gallery explores just some of them.

Take a look at the rise of Southsea as a resort and how this was promoted and encouraged by the council. This all took place alongside the development of piers and entertainment venues; with two piers offering a mix of music and theatre the resort was very well provided for.

Sporting activity in the city has a strong tradition. Find out about Portsmouth’s famous sailor Sir Alec Rose, who circumnavigated the world, and – of course – Portsmouth Football Club.

Visiting the pub or going for a lovely Italian coffee were popular and you can see material from the iconic Heart of Oak public house and Verrechias café on display.

Portsmouth had a thriving music hall and theatre scene. Many big names from London performed here, and there were also keen amateur groups regularly producing shows.