Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery is an open and welcoming environment for all families. Our friendly staff members and volunteers are on hand to answer any queries, and to ensure all our visitors have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Family-friendly facilities at the museum include:

  • Free entry
  • Parking on site
  • Baby change facilities
  • A breast feeding-friendly environment
  • Garden, play equipment and benches
  • Cafe (£) or bring a picnic (benches subject to availability, no indoor alternative available)
  • Garden games to hire
  • Trails available for a small fee
  • Range of souvenirs

If you have any queries ahead of your visit, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Portsmouth Museum and Art gallery has joined forces with HistoryRiot to create an exciting museum-based interactive experience. The Case of the Secret Story Stealer is a brand new, interactive trail around the museum, ideal for those in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Characters from the Story Stealers activity

On your next visit to the museum you can train as a detective, then take up the challenge of saving the secret stories of characters hidden around the exhibitions from the Secret Story Stealer.

There are five characters to choose from, plus clues to find and activities to enjoy. All this will help build up the background to each character. Detectives, both young and old, are encouraged to be imaginative, creating any missing story links for themselves.

To ensure your stories are never stolen, you’re also encouraged to design, write and post a postcard that will remain a part of the museum at the end of the trail. You’ll also receive a character badge for each story saved!