Collections and stories

Go behind the scenes to explore our collection or see what's currently on display at Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery.

Take a look through the Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery collection, to see the vast array of paintings, sculpture, artefacts and more that we have both on display at the museum and in storage.

Here you can also learn all about our building’s fascinating history, with developments on this site going back centuries.

This section is also home to Staff Recommends, where we’ve highlighted some of the best items on display that it may be quite easy to miss. It’s not only a great insight into the favourite items of the people who work with the items and see them every day, but also immensely varied.

If you want to delve a little deeper into the tales behind some of our items, take a read through their Stories. This section showcases the most intriguing and exciting stories behind many of our pieces – the likes of which can be just as interesting as the items themselves.